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Numerous gymnastics, trainers don’t appoint sufficient game explicit molding

or comprehend the mechanics of the cast on bars. At the point when the tumbler

endeavors to project before her shoulders are in the right position, her body goes

out as opposed to up. She likewise has less force in the event that she endeavors

to project after her legs arrive at the front help position with her feet behind her.

The tumbler’s legs don’t have as proficient a cast as she does when she inclines

forward to see her knees before she projects.


An acrobat should see her knees before she endeavors to project. Her body should

go from the pike position to almost straight (empty) position instead of from directly

to angled for an appropriate cast handstand. As such, a gymnastic specialist should

get her shoulders over the bar before she endeavors to kick her legs for the cast.

She should pack well and lean forward enough to put her shoulders in a planche position.

Numerous gymnastics, don’t comprehend the idea of keeping their feet before the

bar (or seeing their feet) out of the kip before the cast. This is for the most part a

planning issue, yet in addition an absence of comprehension of the energy and

body shapes. With the cast handstand, if the circumstance is right it will be a

lot simpler to frame the right shapes.


A curve in the back isn’t the legitimate body position for a cast to handstand.

Numerous gymnastics, curve since they are attempting to project from a generally

straight shape as opposed to from the packed shape. Mentors ought not permit

their gymnasts to project with a curve since that can undoubtedly turn into a

negative routine which is hard to address.
Such countless gymnasts additionally battle with this ability since they do not

have the chest area strength needed to lift their body

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