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Gymnastics ribbon

gymnastics ribbon

gymnastics ribbon

Picking up a gymnastics ribbon and sticking it and swinging,it in different planes to create a variety of patterns is surprisingly easy, anyone can do, as long as the correct attachment between the ribbon and stick is use,and that the manufacturer is standing.

body movements

When body movements are combine,especially in turns and walking, low-level and highly advanced movements,the risk of concussion is much higher. The emphasis in all rhythmic gymnastics is the harmony between body movement and weights. The ribbon is not,which is exactly what makes the work with the ribbon so difficult. Continuity is important, because the gymnastics ribbon must not die. It is long, simple and flexible and should be used throughout its length. Beginners and young gymnasts do not always find it easy to keep up; it requires not only integration and firmness, but also concentration.

gymnastics ribbon function

However, it still seems to be a very popular episode,because it offers a sense of instant gratification and accomplishment, is fun to do and amazing. Therefore the basic elements of the gymnastics ribbon function are list as alternatives,circles, snakes and coils or winds, with additional items of eight values and cast.

The process is primarily about two types of action:

1. Major rotation movements involving the use of the whole arm,and resulting in the formation of tense curved patterns with string
2. A small movement of the wrist,either up and down, or moving,which leads to the formation of small folds or snakes, or small circles (coils) of the ribbon.

The rod is held in a natural position between the thumb and forefinger, with a firm grip.This provides a normal state of ribbon function,although sometimes part of the actual gymnastics ribbon is also held.So in search of other ways to handle the ribbon to give something different and fun, bodybuilders now use it in unusual ways,holding the ends,in the middle, wrap, step, start wrap and so on.

tips on exercise

equipment basics

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