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Gymnastics Skills Assessment

Gymnastics Skills Assessment

This study aims to determine the specific abilities of the physical and basic Gymnastics Skills that are consider critical for identifying and selecting gymnastic talents, as well as to promote the performance of the masculine artistic Gymnastics Skills. so Treinta y un niños de un equipo de gimnasia de la provincia (edad 11.03 ± 0,95 años; altura 1,33 ± 0,05 m; corpora masa 30,01 ± 5,53 kg; indice de masa corporal [IMC ] 16.89 ± 3.93 kg / m²) regularly participate in this study in the voluntary form at the national level.

Gymnastics Skills

Gymnastics Skills


Skills Assessment

It uses anthropometric medicines and the physical test battery for the masculine artistic Gymnastics Skills (that is, the Gymnasium Federation’s Development Program [FIG]) to evaluate the physical and somatic appetite profiles,so Physical characteristics evaluate for strength: muscle strength, flexibility, speed, resistance and muscle strength. so The results of the tests are summarize  in an analysis of key components to identify the most representative factors.

Young Artistic Gymnasts

The main hallmarks reveal that the velocity of the potency, the isometric and explosive force, the resistance and the dynamic and static flexibility are the most crucial aspects of physical aptitude in the process of selecting the talents of the young artistic Gymnastics Skills. These hallazgos are of important importance for the identification, selection and development of talents. but The Artistic Gymnasium (AG) is a type of potency-cycling activity that requires high levels of anaerobic capacity and flexibility capacity for an efficient return [1].

Explosive Forces

Promotes the development of somersaults, jumpsuits, but explosive forces and joint traction with the balance and art in the various devices [2-5].so The realization of the artistic Gymnastics Skills depends on the perfect balance between the level of physical aptitude and the complex technical abilities require in each device [6].but  For this reason, a high level of physical condition is crucial in the Musculoskeletal Artistic

Gymnasium (MAG) to complement the technical requirements of the devices for different devices [7].



Specifically, the gym should cover high levels of strength, flexibility and coordination to achieve an

amplification range of complex acrobatic skills [8 – 12]. Bencke y col. [13] indicates that high school

athletes develop higher indexes of strength in the lower extremities with a temperament in comparison

with the athletes of other sports (for example, balloon man, tennis, nation).


gymnastic training

The same old powder pupils will show that the gymnasts are 11 years old and have more than their

companions trainee . because Cabe signals that the gymnastic training prolong has different effects depending

on the type of force index (it is said, the case of the force of the force, so maximum force, relative and

absolute) [14, 15], so as well as the specific muscle groups (specific decir, inferior and superior members)

[16, 17]. Consequently, preview studies [14, 17] will show a major degree of development of the force in

young Gymnastics Skills in comparison with their companions in training.



The study was conducted in agreement with the Declaration of Helsinki on Human Experimentation and

was approved by the local ethics committee of the respective department, which will review the

medicines. 51 young female Gymnastics Skills athletes of a provincial team (age 11.03 ± 0.95 years; height

1.33 ± 0.05 m; corporal mass 30.01 ± 5.53 kg; corporal mass index [IMC] 16, 89 ± 3.93 kg / m²) competes

regularly at the national level and participates voluntarily in this study. But His experience of training training

for 6 ± 1 years and the duration of his weekly training for 20 ± 2 hours (two sessions per day lasting 5 days a week).


Gymnastics bars

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